Troy 43 Mobile App Now Avaliable

Troy 43 App

Troy 43 App

Troy Polamalu, the inspiration for the Legendary Playmaker Icon, and Brand Legendary released a the Troy 43 app for the iPhone, iPad and Android and is dedicated to you, the millions of Steelers fans around the world. Troy and Brand Legendary worked for months, because like all things we do, we do with heart, passion and precision.

The Troy 43 app features exclusive Troy Polamalu Videos, Photos, and music that allows fans to get to know who Troy is off the field. The app also includes a gamification tool that brings out the competitive nature of the interactive community within the app. Members of the Troy 43 app can earn points by interacting with other members, watching videos, and sharing content. The app live calculates all the points individuals accumulate and provides a ranking system with top members earning the chance to win free Playmaker Icon Swag and even the chance to win two of Troy Polamalu’s game tickets.

Other features include:

  • An interactive Chat Wall with daily users discussing the latest news about Troy Polamalu and the Steelers Nation
  • Troy’s Hair gallery where fans can choose from a variety of frames and backgrounds and share how they would look with Troy’s famous locks.
  • The latest news concerning Troy Polamalu and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • A video archive full of Troy’s highlights, commercials, interviews and home videos
  • A team bio section where fans can learn more about the starters and impact players for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Troy’s personal list of Troy’s favorite movies and documentaries, updated regularly by the movie buff himself

Troy 43 – Official Mobile App of Troy Polamalu

Troy 43 App by Brand Legendary

We wanted to give the Brand Legendary Family a heads up before we formally announce the release of the Troy 43 App to all media outlets over the next few days. By that time, we will have all of Troy’s personal revisions done. The app has user-friendly functionality that allows you to play around and learn how to earn more points. Over the coming weeks, the Troy 43 app for iPad, iPhone and Android features exclusive content of the Playmaker Icon, Troy Polamalu.

We look forward to hearing what you think about the Troy 43 app over the next few weeks by sharing, rating and reviewing the app in the Android/Google Play Marketplace and in the iTunes App store. Be on the lookout for additional content, giveaways and improvements in the near future.

Please select the appropriate “App Store” or “Android/Google Play Button” to download the Troy 43 app.

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