Troy Polamalu’s Game-Winning Pick Six Vs. Ravens

Troy Polamalu Interception vs Baltimore Ravens

Troy 43

Troy Polamalu is known for making big plays, thus the name Playmaker Icon, but the Steelers will be without Troy when they play the Baltimore Ravens. However, the Steelers will still have him on the sideline.

Polamalu’s leadership and presence will have an impact at Heinz Field on Sunday Night.

Flashback to the 2008-2009 AFC Championship game, Polamalu’s interception and touchdown return against Joe Flacco still rings in the mind of the Ravens.

Watch the Playmaker Icon’s interception in high definition and make sure to leave a comment and share the video with the Steelers Nation.

Troy Polamalu Interception and Touchdown vs the Baltimore Ravens in HD

Troy Polamalu’s Game Winning Interception vs the Baltimore Ravens now playing on Brand Legendary.

Troy Polamalu vs the Baltimore Ravens

Troy Polamalu Playmaker Icon Interception vs Ravens

Troy Polamalu Playmaker Icon Interception vs Ravens